Posted by: Gill | April 25, 2010

At last, out and about with the camera

I’m having a hard time keeping up with the flowers now, every day there’s something new. Last autumn I bought some corydalis solida (which all rotted incidentally) and scilla bifolia, only to find their siblings fraternising with wood anemones just around the corner.

corydalis, scilla and wood anemones

The insects and lizards are out as well. We have an old stone trough as a garden pond, where the lizards and sparrows come to drink, and some rather interesting insects like to hang out.

Common wall lizard

Pond skater

The display of dandelions here easily equals the yellow rapeseed fields in England. I stopped to take a photo of one, and found this orchid just on the fence line.

Early purple orchid

Visiting some friends, I came across this oil beetle, and also a bright green lizard which wouldn’t sit still for long enough.

Oil beetle - meloe violaceus

Can’t stop! Photos to take.

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  1. yes, u were right. I thought it was but did not look to close to it . Thx for signalling.

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